Obtaining a registration number

We take care of the registration of your company with the administrative services:

Application for registration with the tax authorities:

Obtaining a SIRET number

Obtaining a VAT number

Application for an EORI number:

Obtaining an EORI number

VAT declaration

We take care of all your monthly or quarterly fiscal declarations to the tax authorities

Collection of monthly or quarterly data useful for tax purposes

Calculation of the amount of VAT due

Preparation and filing of VAT returns

Transfer of funds due to the tax authorities

Request for VAT refund

Possible correspondence with the tax authorities


Follow-up and advice on tax matters

As a tax representative, we provide a tax audit service to ensure VAT compliance with the tax authorities:

Consulting services adapted to the specific needs of your company

Intermediary with the tax authorities

Control of the conformity of the documents

In the event of a tax audit, we will be at your side